Financial Crisis or Greater Growth Opportunities for Your Business?

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When I started writing this article, I knew that one of the subjects that were required was the global financial crisis and its effect on SMEs. My idea was to convey to businessmen that this moment of global tension we should see it more as a series of opportunities to grow and develop our business than as a crisis in itself. But how to do it in the midst of so many comments from financial “experts” making the same recommendations, almost all based on an irrational and unprecedented fear of the markets. I spent a whole weekend trying to decipher the best way to convey my message without achieving it.

Business Coach

Monday came and in my first Coaching session of the week, my client told me that he was going to increase his sales goal by the end of 2017, since the one of the previous quarter he had reached with relative ease. In the second, my client received me with the news that he had made the decision to increase the salary because the cash flows of his business already allowed it; In the third, my clients told me they were going to an international convention in the US for 10 days (yes, with the dollar at $ 19!) and for the fourth, the group of partners that I have as clients told me that they had hired 3 people as their commercial activity so demanded, is not this interesting ?. Of course, we touch on the financial crisis but as a mere weekend theme,

You see, the main influencing factor in the success or failure of your business is not the financial crisis, it is not the government, it is not the lack of financing, you are the owner of it. Something you must accept is that the only reason why your business is where it is, right or wrong, is because of you. There are no good or bad businesses, there are good or bad business owners. If you are able to recognize and accept that you are the only person responsible for your results, then you will be able to correct what you have to correct until you achieve your goals, with the crisis, without it or in spite of it.

It is true, many SMEs will close their doors at this time, but only a very small percentage will do so because of the financial crisis; most of them will do so because their owner decided, prey of fear, limiting beliefs or lack of business knowledge, not take the necessary action to change their reality, that is, decided to take the reality of others like his own, remaining in absolute inaction and therefore, without achieving satisfactory results.

But then, what do these clients have in common that I mention in previous lines, common entrepreneurs like you and me? Knowledge of business! That’s right, fear is a product of what we do not understand, of the unknown and having paralyzed fear. Think about this for a moment: your problem is not that your business leaves you little money, your problem is that you do not know how to do to sell more; your problem is not that your clients only look for you by price, your problem is that you do not know how to educate your client more in the value than in the price; your problem is not that you spend it putting out fires all day, your problem is that you do not know how to delegate activities of low value.

Just as in the agricultural era the owners of the lands (feudal lords) were the owners of most of the world’s wealth, in the industrial era the owners of the factories (Henry Ford) were, in the technological era, the owners of the factories. owners of technology (Bill Gates), we are living the era of knowledge, where people like Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in the world and evidently with solid business knowledge is the richest man on the planet, in this same way businessmen and owners of SMEs that aspire, not only to survive the crisis but to develop and grow their businesses even in the middle of it, will be the ones with the greatest preparation and business knowledge, as simple as that. Visit for more information

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